Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Allyson's summer activities...so far

One of Allyson's young hens was chosen by the other hens to be the lowest in the pecking order.  So, Allyson decided to try to rescue this certain little brown hen from being pecked to death.
She made the hen her own private living quarters and nursed her back to health.  Now, she is tame and follows Allyson around.  :)   Her name is Claws.
Allyson's first guitar lesson
Allyson, Kaleb, and Travis are staying busy reading books for the summer reading program at our Washburn Library.
Allyson will be also getting involved in our local 4H club this summer.


Kristin said...

That is so amazing, Allyson. Meradeth and I were watching with out mouths open. I can't believe you have trained her so well.
Are you at a guitar lesson in the other picture? I didn't know you were taking lessons?

Anne said...

Claws sure does like you Allyson. I can't wait to come so you can play your guitar for us just like your mother did for us several years ago. I was wondering if you have an A frame?

grandaddy said...

Dear sweet Allyson,
I didnt know that you were an expert chicken trainer??? and now you teach Claws how to cluck at you command!! You and Claws could eventually become world famous. ....I can not wait to see you playing a song on the guitar, that will bring back memories.

Allyson said...

Yes, Aunt Kristin, I was at my first guitar lesson in the picture. I love practicing.

Grandmother, I do not have an A Frame. I will play for you next time I see you. I wrote a song today for Daddy. I will play it for him tomorrow.

Grandaddy, I didn't know I was an expert chicken trainer either. Claw's head is healing. She likes to be with the other chicks, but stays close to me. Mama tied a purple ribbon on her leg so I will know who she is after she heals completely.

Katie said...

Allyson you are just unbelievable! I never thought in a million years you could train a chicken!

I absolutely can't wait to watch you play the guitar for the first time. Maybe you could post a video of it on the blog? Did you have fun at your first lesson?

Allyson said...

Yes, I will put a video of me playing the guitar on the blog when I am better. I practice 30 minutes a day.
I had fun at my lesson. My teacher's name is Mrs. Coker. I can't wait for my first group lesson on the 26th.