Monday, May 7, 2012

Guess the dress?

...and who gave it to me?


Katie said...

That's the dress Mama was wearing when she was pregnant with you! :) Not sure who gave it to you tho, someone from your church that Mama gave it to?

Anne said...

Well, I definitely recognize the dress and I bet I gave it to you. I never threw anything away, and when I bought it I figured I could wear it even when I was not expecting. It pays to hold onto stuff. It always can come in handy.

Anne said...

Well, that is a surprise to me. I don't remember giving it to anyone. Did Cathy say when I gave it to her?

Candace said... got it, Katie!
Cathy gave me Mama's maternity dress yesterday at church. :)
You are right, Mama, it can be worn when you're not pregnant also.

Katie said...

You look SO cute, Candace! That's pretty neat wearing the dress when you're an adult that your mother wore when she was pregnant with you.

Kristin said...

Very nice! You could never buy a dress today and make it last that long. That is soooo cool to have something like that, Candace. I wish I had a dress of mamas. It actually looks just like the style now a days.

Candace said...

After Cathy saw the '70s picture of Antioch on the blog, she told me that she might have the dress Mama was wearing in the picture. I was so excited when she told me.
Thank you, Cathy, for saving the dress after all these years! :)