Saturday, April 28, 2012

H.E.D.G.E. Field Trip

We went to Parrot Mountain today w/our homeschooling group.  During the video, be on the lookout for when a parrot says, "High five!" to Ally and then high fives her w/his claw.
One of the parrots could say, "Praise the Lord!"


Anne said...

What a neat place to go? Travis, how many parrots did this place have? Caleb, when I saw you last you had one tooth missing. Now I noticed you have two missing. Did that parrot knock out your other tooth w/his beak? Allyson,the parrot that liked you so much;did it have a name?Are the parrots from different parts of the world and can all of them talk?

Kristin said...

I saw this place on the duggar show. SO COOL. I absolutely love the last picture of Travis. He looks like he is about 18 and soooo handsome. What a fun trip. I will put this on my list of places to visit when ever we come there.

Katie said...

Oh now this looks like fun! I liked how Travis feeds the birds one seed at a time. HaHa!! You guys sure find a lot of neat places to visit. How far away is this place?

Lula said...

I loved your slideshow/video, Candace!

Katie...this place is in Pigeon Forge very close to Dolly Wood.

This was one of my favorite trips for sure!