Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Enlarged the chicken run-out
Kevin's new horse - a Tennessee Walker

Travis' catch.  Beginning planting.  Camping in our barnyard.


Kevin W said...

What fun! What fun! It is wonderful when you take a vacation and the best place to go is your own home. Wish we could take a vacation there. -Kristinah

Anne said...

Now that is the best place to camp. If it rains you can get home quickly and the bathroom is so convenient. Travis, did you cook those fish on your camp fire? Yummy, I bet they were good. Did you catch all of those by yourself?Scout is a beautiful horse,Kevin. What a great birthday present!!

Katie said...

Your place looks like a fun camp! I really like the colors of Kevin's new horse!

What a great birthday weekend it looks like you all had. It sure will be fun when we live closer and can celebrate together! ☺

Lula said...

No way! Kevin got a horse...and he had to get one that I would want! I knew he would eventually get one...but not that quick...ha ha ha!