Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you Katie for the recipe for these cookies

These our South Beach diet cookies. Very good! Ask me if you want a copy of the recipe.


Candace said...

Oh, is someone else on the South Beach Diet? :)
I might have these in one of my South Beach cookbooks...what are they called?

Lula said...

I want the recipe...:-)

Kristin said...

I will post the recipe on the blog for you, Lula.

Katie said...

HaHa, Candace!! We are semi-South Beach dieting! My food never seems to come out as delicious looking as what you post to the blog. And it all sorta tastes the same! Naturally, we all know that I am NOT the greatest cook in the world.

Those cookies definitely came out good tho. I think we ate the entire batch in 2 nights. And by "we" I mean Eric! :) Can you remember the name of them, Kristin? The name of the cookies are Chocolate Meringue Kisses.

Now the recipe has you make the cookies and then sandwich them together with whipped cream. Since Eric doesn't like whipped cream I skipped that part and just ate them individually.