Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Allyson's pony


Anne said...

Boy, this is great. Just the right size for grandmother to ride. Is she gentle enough for me to ride,Allyson? She sure is pretty. What is her name? I think of molasses when I see her. So I think molly would be a good fit.

Katie said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE your pony, Allyson!! Tell us all about her...how old is she, and how much does she eat, and where did you get her, and most importantly...what is her name? Have you ridden her yet?

Anne said...

Dear Allyson,
Well she has a white star on her forhead and white socks on her back feet....she sure is a black beauty and so obedient also....did you notice how she look up right when your mother told her to! I cant wait to have a race with on your pony and your mother on HD.
gdddy loves you Allyson

Allyson said...

Grandmother, her name is Beauty; that was her name when we got her. I rode her a little at the place where we bought her, and she was gentle.
Aunt Katie, Beauty is ten years old, and eats about half a scoop of sweet mix a day plus grass. We got her from a farm about 30 minutes from here. She knows her name very well already so that's why I'm not going to change it. I haven't ridden her here yet. She needs to put on a little weight first.
Grandaddy, Beauty probably can't run as fast as Honey Dew. When she sees me coming, she looks up and walks over to me. I noticed that she looked up when Mama said to. :)