Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meradeth is going to HEAVEN!!! Read the comment.


Kristin said...

Kevin and I have gone over the salvation plan and sin and God's way to heaven and all of that many times before in our devotions, but Meradeth has NEVER once said anything about getting saved. We were in the car going to the grocery store and she suddenly asked me, "Does God have to come down here from heaven to hear me pray?" Well, I explained to her about the trinity and about how God is everywhere at once. I explained to her about the Holy Spirit and how he comes to live inside of you when you ask Jesus into your heart. I explained to her again about why we need Jesus to save us. She said, "Mama, can you and I pray and Jesus to come and live in our hearts?" I told her that I already had done that I didn't need to do it again. She frowned and said, "Well, I haven't done that yet so I am going to go to hell!" "Mama, I need to pray and ask the Spirit to come and live inside me." I looked at Kevin and asked him if we should wait since she is so young. He said NOOO. So I told her to bow her head and ask God to come into her heart and save her. She did. What a completely new experience for me as a mother. I had a feeling come over me that I have never had before.

Anne said...

What a blessing!!!!! Now daddy and I can add Meradeth to our list of saved grandchildren when we pray for them every evening.
2Co 5:21 For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.
Praise the Lord for His merciful kindnesses. Thank you for sharing this with us,Kristin and Kevin.

Candace said...

Wonderful, Meradeth!
"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth,..."
Ecclesiastes 12:1a

grandaddy said...

Dear sweet Meradeth,
I am so happy that you asked The Lord Jesus Christ to save you. We have been praying for you to be saved at the perfect age the Lord has planned for you and HE has answered our pray!!!! Now we will pray that you will learn to love the Lord Jesus Christ more and more each day. I wish i was there to give you a big hug and 1000 kisses.
I love you Meradeth

jcbent said...

That is great news.

Katie said...

Oh Meradeth, I am just filled with joy to know that you are going to be in Heaven with me now! You are such a sweet precious little girl and I love you soooo much!