Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday morning, we brought Daddy his breakfast in bed, kissed him goodby, and set off on an adventure to Jamestown, TN.  Allyson, Kaleb, and Travis had no clue where we were headin'.  Here is their reaction when they found out!

Meradeth, look closely at the last picture.  See if you can find Grandaddy!  :)


Katie said...

Oh this was sweet I almost started crying!! Daddy & Mama are so sweet and fun I can understand why the kids are so excited to see them!! Maybe one day I will get to see them again. I love your outfit, Ally! You look so pretty and stylish! and that hat is really neat, Travis!! I'm so glad you take all these pictures and videos, Candace.

Kristin said...

Mama, I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful you are. You look better now than I have every seen you in my lifetime. Your hair is amazing!!! Don't cut it! I absolutely loved the boots. I never in a million years though you would wear something like that. You are sooo skinny. I am so amazed right now. I had to watch the pictures three times because I can't believe how young you look.
Daddy, can I just say that I miss hearing your voice so much that I start to cry every time I hear it on video. You are so precious and kind.
Candace, I have one word to say to you...HOT MAMA! Ok, that was two.
Kids, whenever i see you again, I am going to hug and kiss you for ten solid minutes. You are the three best looking kids in the world.

This trip looked so incredible. The scenery is so beautiful and people you got to meet was crazy! Mama did you take more pictures of the cabin?

Anne said...

Daddy and I just got home so now I can go on the computer. We had a wonderful vacation. We were so glad that we got to share our little doll house with Candace,Allyson,Kaleb and Travis. Andrew Jackson York was such a nice man. What a treat to get to see him. We couldn't have had a better vacation. We will post our pictures that we took w/our new camera.

Kristin said...

I see you, granddaddy. You can't hide from me....I love you. I want to make up lots of stories. I like to do stuff on computers. Did that bush poke you?


grandaddy said...

Dear Meradeth,
The bush did poke me a little so I didnt push on it very much.
The last time you came and visited grandmother & I , you & I drew different stuff on the computer were just a little girl then so i know you are even smarter now!!! I sure would like to play on the computer with you!!!
I love you Meradeth.