Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our decorations


Anne said...

What an absolutely priceless picture!!! They are so darling. Your tree is great. Reminds me of when you kids were small. I think you said that you knitted the stockings. I sure wish I had a machine that could transport you guys here like on Star Trek. How nice it would be for everyone to get to be together for Christmas.

Candace said...

Very classy pictures!
And what stylish dashing children you have to add to your Christmas decor. :)

grandaddy said...

Dear Meradeth,
You sure have a sweet caring look on you pretty face!!!
i agree with your Mother, you have got to stop growing getting big to fast...i have an idea how we can stop your growing. We could get some real tight clothes and put them on you at night before you go to bed and you could sleep in them. Then your body wouldnt grow during the night! Do you think this would work?

Dear Silas,
Your my kind of boy...because you have a calm peaceful look on your handsome face!!!