Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas decorations


Anne said...

That was a great video,Kristin. You'll have to do more of these for us easteners to enjoy. What a funny song to play in sunny CA. Has it ever snowed where you live? I like all of your decorations,especially the two on the couch. You have it fixed up so lovely. Meradeth, your dress is so pretty. Are you going to open your presents on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve. I wish I could be there.

Katie said...

I absolutely LOVE watching these videos. I wish you'd put one up every single day. Kristin, your house is so beautiful and cozy and I really like your live tree. Of course my favorite part of the video was the two little angels on the couch. I just wanna hug and kiss them both to pieces.

Candace said...

You had me almost in tears at the end of the video, Kristin...watchin' my baby Silas talk. I texted you yesterday that I want him here at my house for Christmas!
I really enjoyed looking at your Christmas decorations! If I had to choose a profession for myself outside the home, it would be an interior decorator...I just love it!