Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Claxtons

We had a wonderful day. Spent the whole day with Eric's grandmother and parents.


Kristin said...

How many people did you have here!!! There looks like there is no end to the food. Eric, do you ever get older? I seriously think you are looking younger. Is that possible? I wish I could have had the money to fly to everyone's home today and spend time with my family. I miss everyone so much.

Candace said...

Another delicious looking spread...we certainly are all blessed!
I like your bracelet, Katie. You both look great!
I'm overjoyed that everyone took a picture of their Thanksgiving!
Love you all!

Anne said...

What a bunch of delicious food. I thought the same thing,Candace. We are so blessed with family and comforts. I sure wish I could give you Claxtons a big hug and kiss.

grandaddy said...

I can imagine what it would be like when we all live together on our "commune"...haha in TN.

1. Eric will be in charge of security, weapons and all/or any covert action...He will be the protection CZAR of the commune.
2. Katie will be in charge of all legal matters and book keeping and public relations....she will report directly to the security CZAR
3. Candace will head up the education department...she reports directly to the Horticultural president.
4. Kristin will be in charge of all and any care-giving on the commune...all dietary matters....the goat & herb person will report directly to her and she reports directly to the IT CZAR.
5. Kevin W. will be in charge of all photography, computers, & commune utilities. His title will be N2-IT CZAR.
6. Kevin H. will be over all garden'n, harvesting, canning, freezing. If we do any manufacturing, he will be in charge of that too. His title will be Horticulture President.
7. Allyson will be in charge of all the chickens, eggs, and flower growing.
8. Meradeth will be in charge of picking the flowers and helping Allyson make flower arrangements.
9. Caleb will be in charge of all outdoor games and activities for the children.....he is also resposible for keeping the commune up to date on sports in general.
10. Kaleb is in charge of all the coloring contests, tract distribution, verse memorization.
11. Travis is in charge of all the toys including toy storage, toy maintenance, toy purchasing, and toy distribution.
12. Silas is in charge of anything he wants to be in charge of.
13. Your mother will be in charge of the goats and herb growing. she will be over all planning and inspection...she report directly to the old

Katie said...

Daddy, your post is absolutely hillarious!!! I have laughed so hard my stomach muscles hurt!

Candace said...

What a comical post, Daddy...sounds like we would have a lively commune!