Thursday, November 24, 2011

California Thanksgiving

Thanks to Fran and Lori (Ken's sister) we had a great meal. Ken's mom and sister came up from L.A. and we had quite a spread. Kevin made homemade pumpkin ice cream for dessert with Fran's pumpkin pie. Wilma, Lori, Fran and I played pitch (card game) afterwards. Silas was sleeping during the meal so he had leftovers when we got home with Daddy and Mera. We had a great day. Now, I am off to work. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Katie said...

Looks like you a tons of food too, Kristin. We had so much we could barely fit our plates on the table! But it was all so delicious. That pumpkin ice cream sure sounds good. I'd like to taste that some time. I thought about you earlier, Kristin, having to work tonight. I'd have a difficult time doing that after all I've eaten today. I love you all! Maybe we can be together next Thanksgiving.

Candace said...

I'm tearin' up looking at these pictures...I miss you all so much. We should've all been together!
Looks like y'all had turkey and ham? A yummy spread!
Yes, it would be difficult to go to work after fillin' up like I did today.

Anne said...

Boy, I've gotten to see Thanksgiving day from "sea to shining sea" with my precious family. What a lovely table you have set,Fran. I would have liked to taste your desert,Kevin. Thank you,Candace, for making this a special Thanksgiving with your blog. It was like all of us being together.

grandaddy said...

Dear Meradeth,
Are you looking down the table wondering if there is going to be any food left by the time it gets to you? I cant believe you are eating again when you got you have a hollow leg?,

I love you Meradeth....gdddy