Saturday, October 1, 2011

On Friday...Lula, our pastor's wife, and their three children Noah, Hannah, and Sara came over to our house...we played, ate, petted bunnies, road Honey Dew, visited...a fun afternoon!

This morning it was 48 degrees tonight, we decided to enjoy our first warm cozy fire in our living room.

Allyson is posting on her blog again.  She wants everyone to please go check it out!  The follow is the link in case y'all forgot:


Anne said...

I bet Honey Dew had fun when Lula and the kids came over. He enjoys all of the attention. The fire looks so cozy. Did the kids want to roast marshmellows?

Kristin said...

The little girl on the right is so incredibly cute. She looks just like her mother. Oh it must be so nice to smell a real fire. Soooo cozy. Does it put out a lot of heat? We have a gas fireplace but it doesn't smell good :)