Friday, August 12, 2011


This is Allyson's new pet...a Netherland dwarf bunny.  I had to post all four pictures of Ally because she is such a cutie patootie!  :)


Anne said...

Frankie sure is cute,Allyson. Grandmother had a hamster for a pet when she was your age.When mormor had her lady friends over I would take him out of his cage and scare all of the ladies. I thought that was funny.

Katie said...

Oh he is so adorable, Ally! And I love the name Frankie. Very good choice. I can't wait to see whay pet you get next!

Kristin said...

Ally, this is great!!! Where do you keep him. Meradeth wants to know what he eats. Are you going to get a girl bunny so you can have some kiddies?

Allyson said...

I have a cage in the barn for Frankie.
He eats rabbit food, a sweet block, timothy hay, licks a mineral salt block, and would probably eat fruits and veggies but I haven't tried feeding him that yet.
I am not getting a girl bunny...that would make too many bunnies.