Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whitley Stew

I made stew and kind of just put stuff in as I went along. Everything was organic, including the meat which was grass-fed cattle (laugh laugh everyone). I like to make stew every month to get rid of all my left over veggies and such.
I put 2 pounds of beef, carrots, potatoes, peas, corn, green beans, lima beans, celery, 1 large onion, salt, pepper, two cloves of garlic and a fresh sprig of tarragon and rosemary. I added at least two cups of vitamin D milk and water. I put my crock pot on low around 8 pm and then turned it on "keep warm" setting at 11 am the next day. It tasted very good. It cost around 16 dollars to make and will feed us for three-four days.


Fran said...

Yummmmmy! Now that is my kind of stew. You are becoming quite the cook!!!

grandaddy said...

Very interesting and delicious recipe,Kristin. I have not heard of milk in stew before. I am not laughing about the grain fed beef. I would like to grow and raise all of our food. If I had markets like you do to buy that kind of stuff that is where I would go.

grandaddy said...

Didn't notice that daddy was still signed on. Of course it was me that wrote the last comment.mama

Candace said...

Looks scrumptious, Kristin!
I've never heard of milk as a stew base either...very interesting.
The Amish farmers in Iowa always advertised their grass-fed beef.
That's a good idea cooking it through the night and then keep-warm until you eat. Since our main meal is at 11:00am, I get up really early if I'm making a crockpot meal. NOW, I'm going to make it the night before, cook it through the night, and then turn it on keep-warm when I wake up in the morning.
Thanks for the tip, Kristin!

Kristin said...

Haha. I was reading "grandaddy's" comment and thinking to myself, "this does not sound like daddy". I would just LOVE for someone to come and visit me so I can take them to all my great places that I shop. Poor Fran. I pour all of my crazy ideas into her.

Kristin said...

...and Candace, Kevin taught me how to start a crock pot dinner at evening and let it cook through the night. I wish I would have come up with that myself. The two people who have taught me the most about cooking since I have been out here in CA is Kevin and Fran.

Katie said...

Ooook, when I was reading Mama's comment and thinking it was Daddy's comment I thought...Uh, this is really an off-the-wall comment from Daddy! HAHAHA!!

Your stew looks absolutely delicious, Kristin. Which reminds me, Candace, that I keep forgetting to make a comment on how yummy your steaks looked!