Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our "Katydid" :)

Happy Birthday, Katie!

You have given us such joy and laughter through the years!


Anne said...

Happy happy birthday,Katie. I love you darling. If I were there I would make you my chocolate cake for your birthday cake. What fun that would be. Well, when we get our commune, then we can do that. I love you, mama.

Candace said...

A poem...(clear throat)...

Happy birthday, you’re not getting old,
Stay in the game, it’s not time to fold.
Wrinkles and grey hair, are just a new look,
Countless experiences, you should write in a book.

A birthday is seldom, a serious occasion,
Try not to take it, like the d-day invasion.
Laughter and jokes are within sight,
Stock up on both, all through the night.

You are a very very sweet sister! I've never known a more devoted, giving person as you, Katie.
I hope you like your poem. :)
Happy Birthday! Love you!

Kristin said...

Katie, one of the best memories I have of you is when I was about 10 and I started a fire in the back yard and it got out of hand quick and you were scrubbing the kitchen floor and you ran out and doused the fire with the water in your bucket. You were my hero. I also remember you using tanner and your legs turning orange. Hey, its like a said the other day. It really doesn't matter how old you get, its all in how you look. You do not look a day over 28. And just think of how young and beautiful you look on the inside. I hope you realize how much your family loves you.

jcbent said...

Happy Birthday Katia! You are wonderful, and you encourage me. I will see you soon! I love you, Caleb.

ps. a women told me the other day, that she found her first grey hair, she thought she would dye.

grandaddy said...

Dear Katie,
I'm sure big "E" is treating you like a birthday princess about right now! i would love to be there and enjoy this festive once in a life-time occasion!!! I think he should bake you a cake and you take a video of it so we could all have a belly laugh!!!......Dont forget, you are in the prime of your life RIGHT NOW, enjoy your life and the blessings the Lord has showered upon you and Eric. The time we have is a great gift from the Lord, I pray the Lord will help us all use our time/gift to bring honor to HIS dear name.
Happy birthday with all my love,

p.s. tell Eric I said for him to keep on trucking!!!!!

Katie said...

Mama...that would be so fun to have a commune. That way on our birthdays we could do like when we were kids and tell you what we wanted for our birthday dinner!! That was SO fun!

Candace...I LOVE the poem! And your birthday you mailed was absolutely hillarious. I laughed SO hard!! It's so easy to be devoted and giving to such sweet, wonderful sisters as you and Kristin.

Kristin...I definitely remember your little yard fire! HaHa! And I definitely remember my orange legs which at the time I thought looked so great. I'm sure glad I have a family who is so wonderful.

Caleb...I knew you would tell me a joke in your post. You always cheer me up so much when I talk to you. I sure do love you!!

Daddy...your posts are always so wonderful. "E" was so sweet to me my whole birthday evening. He took me to dinner and gave me a really sweet card. Yes, the Lord has really blessed us both so much.

THANK YOU everyone for all your wonderful posts and phone calls and presents and cards!! Candace, the bracelet was just absolutely gorgeous! And Kristin, that is the most beautiful scarf I have ever seen. I absolutely can't wait to wear it. And of course I loved all the singing from Kristin, Meradeth, and Silas...and then Caleb...and then Daddy & Mama!! I have the most wonderful family in the whole world and I love all you!!