Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Courier News (Clinton newspaper)


Katie said...

Oh myyyyy goodness gracious! Don't you look like something else there, Kaleb! You are such an artist to win the contest and now you are a famous celebrity with your picture in the newspaper! I am so proud to be your Aunt!!

jcbent said...

Wow, thats great Kaleb! You are a winner!

Anne said...

Congratulations,Kaleb. I think you look very handsome on your new bike. Everyone in Clinton will know you now.

grandaddy said...

Dear Kaleb,
see, all that coloring did finally pay off....I guess you know you are famous now...i hope all this doesnt go to your head and you make everyone wait in line to see you and get your autograph....did you frame your work of art so all of us will be able to enjoy it?
!!!you are really something!!!!

Candace said...

Kaleb says:

Aunt Katie, someday I want to go to Florida and bring my new bike so you can see it.
Thank you, Uncle Caleb, you are a winner too!
Grandmother, I bet everybody has gotten papers of me. Daddy got a paper for us.
Grandaddy, I'm sorry but I do not have my coloring picture. They kept it because they said they want to use it. You are famous too, Grandaddy!

Kristin said...

Kaleb, you are just the best. Meradeth was so happy that you won a new bike. She wants to color a picture too and get a new bike. I wish we lived closer so you could teach her how to color. Way to go!