Sunday, March 6, 2011

A busy and fun Saturday

Our Saturday morning began w/having breakfast w/Sam and Kristina Reagan and their two children Lilli and Sean. Then at noon Allyson and Kaleb had swim classes. After picking up Allyson's friend Nicole at her house, we went to Toys-r-us so Allyson could spend her birthday gift card from Uncle Brandon and Aunt Annie. Then on home where Allyson and Nicole spent a delightful evening of playing, whispering, and giggling! :)
The bottom right picture is the breakfast Allyson and Nicole made for us this morning.


Anne said...

What a blessing to see Sam and Kristinah with Lily and Sean. How time flies. I would have liked to try that delicious breakfast Nicole and Allyson made. What will you fix Grandaddy and Grandmother when they come,Allyson?

Kristin said...

Ok, so does she spell her name the same as mine or is that just the way you guys are spelling it. Because if she does that will be the first person I have known in my entire life that spells her name like mine.

Looks like a wonderful day. Can't wait until Meradeth gets old enough to make a wonderful friend and spend time with her.