Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb 5th - Clinton, TN

Kelly, you did say you weren't ready after Wyatt snapped this picture...haha. :)


Anne said...

Is that the log house behind the restaurant we ate at once. Did Kevin get to have the afternoon off. How long can your friends stay w/you?

Candace said...

Yes, that is the same restaurant.

No, Kevin works this weekend and the next one.

We just got to eat lunch w/Steve and Kelly...they are on their way back to Iowa now.

Kristin said...

Did they come to visit you or for some other reason. Candace you look so amazing. You are so beautiful.

Candace said...

Steve is originally from North Carolina, so they had been visit his parents in NC.

Kristin, you are the kindest person. I think you are gorgeous!

Katie said...

Good grief, Candace, you looks STUNNING!!! Your hair is just beautiful!! I can't stop looking at this picture! :-)