Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Cabin in the Woods

This is our vacation cabin in Pall Mall, Tennessee: the home of Sergeant York. You park the car and walk over the bridge to get to the cabin. The house in the distance is also part of the farm where we stayed. It is also a rental and is the original house of the first owners of the farm. The main room of the cabin was built in 1832. The present owners added on a small kitchen and bath in the back. We had no running water the first three days of our stay, and daddy filled up a large bucket with the spring water for our daily uses. Daddy enjoyed playing with all of the toys and implements hanging around,inside and outside. The farm is 300 acres, and if the weather had been better we could have used the four-wheelers on the many trails up the mountain.




Katie said...

I LOVE IT!! This looks like Candace's dream home!! I think if we ever get back up to TN we will go stay there a couple of nights. You and Kevin could go there for a little get away some time, Candace. I like the part where you tell Daddy not to video right now, Mama. You were right, there is stuff hanging on every inch of those walls. I really like the creek in front of the cabin.

Candace said...

Great pictures and videos...we would like to stay there also!

I like the part when Mama told Daddy not to video right now too...HAHA!

I would have had fun looking at all the antiques around the place.

Kristin said...

Daddy, I fulfilled my dream and married someone just like you. If Kevin and I would have been in you and mama's shoes and I would have told him not to video...he would have done just what you did and ignored me and kept right on with the video.

What a perfectly wonderful cabin. I would love to give up all the modern conveniences and go back to living like that.

jcbent said...

Your paying to live poor.? im just kiddn. Looks like fun for about 12 hours.

Katie said...

Caleb, you are SO funny! I laughed so hard when I read your comment!

Candace said...

Very good point, Caleb! Haha! Can imagine what the settlers would think of us ??