Saturday, September 4, 2010


Travis thinks he's the next Paul Bunyan w/his new chainsaw. Thanks for the birthday gift card, Uncle Brandon and Aunt Annie!
He had fun running, playing and picking out a toy at Toys"R"Us today. :)


Anne said...

Oh my, he is so cute. I like that outfit. Safety glasses and no shoes. Did you cut down any trees, Travis?

Kristin said...

I wasn't much older than you when granddaddy and grandmother strapped a huge Husquavarna to me and made me cut down trees...But then I got to help burn them so that made it all ok. SOOOO CUTE

grandaddy said...

Dear Travis,
You are a hard working boy just like your Daddy. Please dont clear-cut the whole neighborhood though!!! Leave a few trees for the "sqquirrrells" to hug...haha

Kristin as you know our philosophy on child rearing was...
love them much,
spank them early and often,
teach them to work,
make simple things fun,
...We didnt follow this totally but it was our goal.

Kristin you need to tell the grandkids all the horror tales about your experiences on the dreaded TN "road crew".