Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yesterday we went w/our church home school group to Sweetwater Valley Farms. It was certainly something to see! When it was milking time, the cows would line up and walk by themselves into their machines...they are creatures of habit and routine! Of course all the milking is done w/robots.
We also got served a free lunch! :)


Anne said...

What a great field trip. Fun and learning at the same time. Did you drink any milk while you were there?

Candace said...

No, didn't drink any milk.
Sweetwater Farms had a little store there...I bought some Adobo cheese...delicious!

grandaddy said...

Dear Allyson,
I cant believe i am going to be able to hug and kiss you in a couple of days!!!!

Dear Kaleb,
I cant believe i am going to be able tickle and bear hug you soon...the big bad wolf is coming to get you!!!!

Dear Travis,
I cant believe i am going to be able to pinch you soon!!!

Kristin said...

cant wait to see you guys!!! loved the pictures.