Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daughters of Virtue - a progressive meal

This was the first progressive meal I had been to...and it was a lot of fun! Not only do you get to try many different foods, but also get to see people's homes and decor.
Hey! Mama, Kristin, and Katie, we four should do a progressive meal and fly to each other's homes! :)


Katie said...

Now that's a super idea, Candace!! Let's do it this weekend!

I did a progressive meal once a looong time ago and remember it being fun!

Anne said...

What a sweet picture of Cathy and Allyson. I heard of these but have never been to one. Looks like alot of good food.

Kristin said...

I have Never heard of them and I have Never been to one, but after seeing these pictures I really want to go. Allyson, I miss you so much when I see these pictures.

grandaddy said...

Dear Allyson,
which item did you like eating the most?....was there much talking going on?..ha ha...was there more talking or eating?