Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday blues

This afternoon, Kaleb and I were on the last book for the day - Letters and Sounds. He's tired and knows he's only got to read the word above before a fun carefree weekend begins. Kaleb sees the word and looks as if he's going to start sounding it out...but then decides instead to look up at the picture...and blurts out, "balloon!"
I'm so thankful for weekends...both the student and the teacher need them... :)


Anne said...

You have a very clever student, Candace. That was quick thinking on his part. I would give him an A for that.

Candace said...

Mama, I got such a laugh from this (so did Kaleb) I knew I had to blog it and share. :)

Kevin W said...

Funny, I thought they put the wrong word was under the balloon <;-o