Monday, August 30, 2010

First Field Trip

One week into the school year and the teacher of Hanna Research Center decides it's time to take a field trip. :)
We met Jean and Ben at the Knoxville Zoo today. I think the only time the boys stopped running was to eat an ice pop and drink a slushy.
We saw and learned many things. A successful day!


Kristin said...

I cant wait until the kids are a little older so I can start doing things like this. But I feel happiness in just watching your kids do this. I feel like their part mine. Your doing a good job, Candace.

Anne said...

The size of that bird was amazing. Did you buy season tickets. You had talked about that at one time. I like the name of your school.

Candace said...

I ended up not buying season tickets...but I did buy them discount at Kroger.

grandaddy said...

I bet all the animals enjoyed being entertain for the day by the knuckle head club...what a bunch of wild monkeys...i would have gone ape to if i had been there.

Dear Sqaw girl....i cant wait to tickle you ...see you soon!!!!

Dear running bear....the big bad wolf can can run fast and he is going to get you soon!!!!

Dear Papoose....i cant wait to pinch you all over....wont be long now!!!

. sarah . said...

Great photos, Candace! The kids are really growing!! I think of them every time I get out my book that we pressed those leaves in. One of these days I'm going to make something with them and send them to them...someday!