Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday afternoon

(top four pictures courtesy of Lula's camera)
Today, we met Lula Ray, the preacher's wife, and their three children Noah(10), Hannah(8), and Sara(almost 2) for lunch at one of our favorite little places to eat here in Clinton...Hoskins Drug Store. Then they came over to our house to play. The kids had so much fun, and I had a great time visiting w/Lula!
Come again soon, guys! :)


Lula said...

Awe! Sent you some more including the one of US :o) I approved of one of them, ha ha! Next time, Hannah can take our picture...she does a little better, lol!

It was a fantastic time today. I really appreciate everything!

Anne said...

I know that you all had a wonderful time together. I would have liked to have spent the day with you ladies.

Kristin said...

Ally, you are beautiful! What is Kaleb and the other little boy doing? What did you guys have for lunch?

Anne said...

The picture of Hannah and Allyson is so precious. When I look at it I could just smother them with kisses.

Candace said...

Kaleb is swinging some kind of toy boxing glove.
Some of our lunch...milkshakes, chicken tenders, roast beef sandwich, hamburgers and fries.
We would have loved to have you along, Mama!

Katie said...

That place looks like so much fun! Is the eating and the toys and the candy all at the same place? We are defiitely gonna have to go there next time I come to visit!

The kids all look adorable and cute as usual! =)

Candace said...

Yes, Katie, the eating and toys are all in Hoskin's...they also have a pharmacy, where we get all our medicine from.