Friday, July 23, 2010

my money saving "things"

We made $12.46 for these and we only contributed a few cans and thankfully none of the beer bottles. (thank you to our neighbor for those)
just one batch of my baby food. All that you see are sweet potatoes, carrots and rice cereal. This will feed him for two weeks and cost me roughly 6 dollars. This would have cost me around 40 dollars if I would have bought baby food in jars.


Anne said...

What great ideas. I remember the days of making my own babyfood to save money. Meradeth looks so cute in the picture and Silas is growing like a weed.

grammie said...

I am so proud of you Kristinah! Your mama and daddy taught you well! Am waiting to see what the next project you will come up with. Mera and Silas are going to learn lots from you too. Fran

Katie said...

Very ingenious, Pit! I have never done the can thing and obviously not the baby food thing but I do cut coupons like a maniac and I get tons of free samples off the internet.

grandaddy said...

Dear Kristin,
California doesnt have night crawlers do they?... how about selling hair bows/clips at the side of the road?.... you could go to the soccer field and sell drinks & candy.... or you could package up firewood and sell them at the side of the road..... how about gleaning all those fields in california!!!! ....................endless opportunities

Candace said...

Boy, Daddy, did Mama slip you a funny pill this evening?
Your comical side is really coming out tonight. :)