Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An evening at the Preacher's house

After church, we went over to Pastor Ray and Ms Lula's house for pizza and cookies. Allyson had spent the afternoon w/Hannah...so they began their giggling and playing right where they had stopped a couple of hours before.
Lots of laughing...hope to do it again soon!


Kristin said...

these pictures look like something off of the old 50's shows like leave it to beaver. What perfect little girls. Where were the boys.

Candace said...

Thanks, Kristin!
The boys played w/Noah in his room...they really liked his nerf guns. :)
I forgot my camera...so these are all from Lula's.

Anne said...

Good Christian fellowship, I sure would have enjoyed being there.

Lula said...

Why didn't I take a few of the boys? How sad...I will next time!

grandaddy said...

Dear Kaleb and Travis,
i get nervious when i dont see you 2 around.....you werent getting in trouble were you? I cant wait to see you in September at Mammy's house!!!!

Candace said...

Yeah, we are missing photos of the boys and Lula.
I agree, Daddy...I get nervous too, but only about Travis.

Katie said...

Oh it looks like you had so much fun! I just love it how you have picked up right where we left off around 1988 when we used to go spend afternoons with Denton and Barbara after church! You remember how Daddy and Denton would fall asleep in their recliners downstairs and I would sit and play the organ or piano all afternoon and Mama and Barbara would do lady-chat in the kitchen? That's what these pictures remind me of.

Ally and Hannah are SO cute with their little dolls! And yes, what was little Travy up to?? Was he off painting on the walls somewhere? HA HA HA!! He is mischievous like you were Candace...remember when you cut off all your eyelashes!? =)