Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day hike

We went for a drive up Highway 1 today, and we stopped at a spot (see pics below) where a waterfall comes out of the mountains to the beach. It was warmer than usual. Mama would have loved the hairpin turns that we had to take at the edge of 500+ drop offs to get to this place. We headed to another destination after this but the path to get to it was so steep and narrow (as seen in the picture above that we decided not to try it with the kids. We had a great day.


Candace said...

The first picture looks as if it's chilly and rainy...and then warm and sunny in the next one. :)
I love Silas' inquiring look...haha.

Have you guys traveled any of Interstate 5 up thru CA and OR?Kevin and I drove down to Shasta's gorgeous!

Kevin W said...

Yes Candace, I have been all the way up the I-5 to OR; Kristinah and I went up to OR together when she was 7 months pregnant with Mera and again when Mera was I think 4 months old to see some friends.We also stopped at Shasta lake on the way home from OR and it was like 100 degrees.
The I-5 does not have the best views through CA south after Shasta because it goes through a huge valley where it is hot and very dry. In some places you can't see anything for miles. If I drive on the I-5 I will usually leave at night and drive through till early morning to get through the valley.

Candace said...

That's interesting, Kevin...I didn't know that. Then when we drove down I-5 from Seattle, it's good that our turning point was Shasta lake. :)

Anne said...

You're right Kristin, I would not have enjoyed the drive with a steep dropoff. The scenery is beautiful. What a great way to spend the day.

grandaddy said...

Dear Meradeth,
i wish i had been there so i could have splashed water on you from the creek.....i love you and i am going to tickle you in september

Kristin said...

hu hu hu...silly! um Dear Granddaddy, We will splash mera in the creek and we will tickle me with grandaddy and me and granddaddy and me and timber with grandmother and you will tickle me and play with my bear because dear grandmother and dear mera....Dera Mera to sentenber and grandmother talks to me and she says will you do something and I will do it myself.