Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who's pushin' 40?

Yes, that would be my hubby...a big 39 today!
Hey, this has really been a week of birthdays! All the important people have April birthdays...right, Meradeth? :)

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Anne said...

Let me be the first to wish you a very happy birthday,Kevin. I bet you can not believe that you are 39. How fast the years go by. Isn't it wonderful to know that you have been a Christian for almost 10 years now. I love you so very much. My sons-in-law have a special place in my heart.

grandaddy said...

Dear Kevin,
Your at that perfect age where you are out of the adolesent 20's but you havent reached middle age yet. It is a shame you cant hit the pause button for a few have such a young face you will probably look 30 for another 20 years and then the Lord will return and we will get our new bodies that I think will look 33 years old... Until then, happy birthday and we will keep on chugging along wiyh what we've got. I hope Candace made you a BIG FAT birthday cake with ice cream!!!!!

Kevin W said...

Happy Birthday Kevin. One day maybe I will get to meet you, until then happy birthday and may God bless you.

Kristin said...

HELLO!!! I agree with Daddy, Kevin. I am telling, you just switch to 29 and say you are turning 30 next year. YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. you still look young. I am sure you dont feel it though. I feel 60. I hope you had a great day. We all love you so very much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY