Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunday 3/28

Here we are standing from youngest to oldest(left to right) front of the church that I was born into and attended until I was almost 11 years old.

This picture has a funny story behind it...doesn't it, Kristin? HAHA!
Why is she looking to the her left, you might ask?
This is the house where all of us Bentley children, except Katie, began life as newborn babies.

Then when I was about 7 or 8(correct me if I am wrong w/these ages, Mama) Daddy and Mama bought this house on top of a 36 acre mountain. Of course, a paradise for any kid to grow up in...but, we only lived here for about 3 years before we moved to North Carolina.
The breathtaking view behind us from the front deck of the house...
You can see it better here...
I have many childhood memories roaming and playing all over this mountain!
Side view...


photozmom said...

I can't even imagine how special last weekend was for ALL of you !! Remembering so many memories... AND making SO many MORE!

Kristin said...

I am in love with all these pictures. I wish that I could turn back the clock and have a few more days at the red house when we were young. The pictures are amazing. I love my family!!!

Lula said...

These were super pictures! How did you get to the porch of that house? Did you speak with the owners or what? LOL! That is one gorgeous place!

Wish you lived closer this way...we could go the park etc...!

Candace said...

Yes, Kristin(my youngest sister) arranged it beforehand w/the present owners of the place a time when we all could come up there and visit. So they knew we were coming last, that would be funny though to just show up and start snapping pictures!
Both TN houses I grew up in are in Strawberry Plains.
Yes, I wish we lived closer now to our church friends!

Kristin didn't tell everyone why she is looking to the left. :) She and I jumped out of the car to snap a picture of her in front of the I was pushing the button on the camera, we heard this loud deep ferocious barking sound bounding toward us! I've never seen two women scramble back into a car faster then Kristin and I! LOL!