Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Cotton Top

Sweet Candace,
I am not very good at making these collages, so it took me a while! I'm sorry that it's a day late, but I wanted to put some photos up so everyone could take a walk down Cotton Top Lane! You are such a sweet and wonderful sister, and an amazing mother, daughter and wife. We are all so glad we were able to spend a few days with you before your birthday and celebrate your turning 32!! WE LOVE YOU!!


Candace said...

Thank you for the collage, Katie! Ya even got pics in there of my ugly years...gotta love that! haha :)
You all truly made turning a year older very fun for me! Thank you!

photozmom said...

WOW !! Ally looks a LOT like you did... I am not all that surprised, but when you "see" it in a picture it SCREAMS at you :O) You are ALSO an AWESOME friend !! One that I can't WAIT to see in just s few days Lordwilling !!!Happy Birthday, Hon! I was going to call you last night but Monica Temple spent the afternoon and evening and I KNOW you wouldn't have wanted me to call when she left :O) Love ya!!

Kristin said...

LOVE YOU CANDACE. No matter how much I give you in material goods and affection, you always manage to give me back all that ten fold. I am praying one day that it is the Lord's will that we live much closer. Hope you had a great day yesterday..

Anne said...

What wonderful pictures and memories. I still have the flowered pants I have on in the one picture and the flowered shorts that Candace has on. Also my pink top. And you kids think my clothes are not youthful.

Katie said...

That was hillarious, Mama...about your still having some of the same clothes!

I don't know what you're talking about, Candace, referring to your "ugly years." You were always so cute and cuddly! :-) Me on the other hand....HA HA!

Eric said...

Happy Birthday, Candace!

I wish Kathryn and I could be back up there with you guys. I hope it will not be too long before we are able to visit again!

We had a GREAT time!

Candace said...

Those flower pants should be put into like the oldest, ugliest, and most worn pants museum.
Are you turning into a packrat, Mama? Better never let me get ahold of those old clothes...they would all be tossed!

THANK YOU ALL for posting comments on my birthday post! :)

grandaddy said...

Happy birthday my little Cotton Top,
What a special time we all had at your house visiting around your family. I know the Lord Jesus uses us to strenthen and to bless and to comfort and to encourage one another. What a blessing to have a family that whats to live according to the BIBLE. We need to constantly pray that we would be an encouragement to each other.
I love you and cant wait until we get together again....happy birthday Candace...i appreciate the pictures that
Katiedid.....great job Katiedid...
oh yea today is Pit jr's birthday.....happy birthday Meradeth.