Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cades Cove

The boys and Allyson were in paradise here! I can't wait for me and Kevin to take them camping up here some weekend this summer.
The drive up to Cades Cove...
And of course, Travis fell in the water...which I fully expected would happen! :)

Mmmmm...what is Travis pondering...?

Sarah is an absolutely amazing photographer. That is the reason for her traveling to the South from photograph a wedding in SC this weekend. She and Saundra made a stopover at my house on their way down to the wedding. Sarah took this picture of Allyson, and tomorrow I will post two pictures she took of each of the boys that are incredible!
This is two pictures blended together. One of what Travis is constantly doing...RUNNING! And the other is what he did on the way home in the back seat of Sarah's car...sleep... :)


Kristin said...

These pictures are so great. I admire good photographers because their talent brings so much joy to others. The picture of Ally is just beautiful. It looks like it came straight out of a magazine. LOVED the pictures, Candace. I can just look at them forever. After a while the kids start coming alive and I can see them talking and playing.

Anne said...

Nothing is more fun for kids then dirt and water. That is a beautiful place.

. sarah . said...

Candace, thank you for your compliment! You're kids helped make me a good photographer!! It's not all about me! :) I love how you blended that last photo of Travis, such great contrast! I had so much fun with you guys! And miss your kiddos making me laugh, seriously! Thanks so much for everything!

Kevin W said...

What a beautiful place . I would sure like to be there to take some pictures myself :-)

And the pictures Sarah took are very lovely. I would like to see more:-)