Monday, January 18, 2010

Our kids

Well, here are the three stooges...I think Silas is the least of a stooge. Kristen has been here since Friday and has been such a huge help. Meradeth keeps wanting to poke Silas' eyes and kiss him. She will ask to hold him all the time and then about 10 seconds after she has got him she will say, "sats nuff". We are having a good time.


Candace said...

Kristin, Silas is such a beautiful baby...dark complextion like you. Meradeth and Kristen's skin look so white compared to his. :)
I'm glad to hear you have such good help!

Anne said...

What a beautiful baby Silas is. So cuddly looking.

Katie said...

Candace and Mama said exactly what I thought when I saw this picture...Silas has such a beautiful olive complexion!! What a beautiful little family you both have!