Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Refugio beach

Last Saturday was real nice so we went to the beach.This is one of my favorite spots for surfing and just to visit. Mera had a great time playing in the water,she was so tired when we left that she passed out by the time we got to the freeway.


Candace said...

So are there sharks and jellyfish in that water?
You look awesome, Kristin. I wish I had looked that good when pregnant!

Kristin said...

There are not really any jellyfish and I dont know about sharks. The acutual oceon and waves are way to the right in the pic, but the tide came up so high that it created like a river on the beach area.

Anne said...

I would love the weather you have there. Not too hot and cools off in the evenings. The only thing I would miss is the rain. I enjoy rain. Meradeth is having a big time as usual. She is always onward forward,come on you guys,follow me, to the next adventure.