Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Motivated!

Ok, so Joe talked me into going to this ridiculous "Get Motivated" seminar today in downtown Jacksonville. I decided to go because there were some interesting people speaking. This is who the main speakers were.
Rudy Giuliani was very interesting to listen to. He talked a lot about 9/11 and he also took several cracks at our current Prez.
Terry Bradshaw was pretty humerous over all. Can't say I felt anymore motivated after he was done, but he was entertaining over all.Colin Powell was an absolute jerk. I wanted to throw up from the time he opened his mouth until it shut.
Mrs. Bush was so sweet and wonderful....she spoke for an hour and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.


Anne said...

I don't like Powell either. I would have enjoyed Mrs. Bush. Was Joe motivated to sign up anymore people?

Candace said...

Yes, out of the four, Mrs. Bush would be the one who would appeal to me as a speaker.
Colin Powell? ...which side is he on? fence straddler! lol

Kristin said...

Wow! Did they just do this in Jax or are they speaking all over the US. I would have gone just to see the poeple.