Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our far

Allyson at our house in Iowa watching three mover guys load up the semi w/our household stuff.
Two views...Iowa and entering Tennessee
Introducing Papa to one of the best eating places in the South...Bojangles!
This morning, Papa and Allyson spending time together down in the lobby of our hotel in Clinton, TN. Papa drove down w/us to TN...then he went home today...we were very sad to see him go. :( We wish we could have taken Papa and Grandma w/us!


photozmom said...

SO glad to hear from you !!! Where are you getting online? SO glad that Kev's dad was able to go down with you. Missing you!!

Anne said...

I know it was difficult for all of you to know you will be so far away. But at least all of us are a one day's drive away from each other. It was wonderful to see your pictures on the blog and to know you arrived safely in the great state of Tennesse. Did you hear UT beat Georgia?

Candace said...

I'm connecting w/my laptop at the wireless internet available here at the RedRoof Inn where we are staying that's about 8 miles from our house...our furniture and household stuff arrives on Friday. We miss y'all too, Nana!

Yes, I heard that, Mama...and I texted Caleb about it cuz I know he's a bulldog fan...I didn't get a response from him. :)

Katie said...

Oh I'm so glad you made it to TN!! I can't wait to make my first drive up there to see you!