Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is there some people missing here?

Love this picture...Just wish there were 5 more people in it.


Candace said...

Yes, we five Hanna's would fill out this photo real nice! :)
I love your smile, Daddy!
Your hair style looks great, Mama!
Caleb, you look awesome w/more meat on ur bones.
Kristin, I could stare at the little bump on your tummy forever!
Kevin, ur head shot looks great!
The newlyweds look inlove and happy...that's superb!
AND of course...Meradeth, you are the cutest, greatest, most wonderful of them ALL!
(Is that the shirt I mailed her, Kristin?)
Can't wait to see everyone of Tennessee! Woooohooo! :)

Anne said...

Lord willing,next year we will have 6 more additions to the picture when we vacation together at Norris Lake.

Katie said...

We thought about you all the whole time we were there. Every time we would go somewhere or do something we would also think about you guys and how much fun it would have been if you all would have been there. I'm so glad the Lord is bringing us all back together again close together so we can see each other more often. Hopefully, we will have many family vacations together over the years to come.

Kristin said...

Yes, that is her spongebob shirt, Candace. She loves it. I am getting ready to get her some cheap winter stuff because it is getting so cold here already and she is growing so fast.