Saturday, September 19, 2009


Our day began w/Allyson's soccer game! That is her coach standing in the background. Allyson did a GREAT job again! Kevin was able to attend today and watch Allyson play for the first time. Kevin said I acted like a true soccer mom...he had to quiet me down many times...I really got into the game...yelling and cheering for Allyson! :)
The bottom picture are both teams clapping hands at the end of the game.

After the game, Allyson and I headed down toward church to the fairgrounds where our church held a carnival for all the bus kids.
YES! That's Allyson with a Python snake wrapped around her neck!

Allyson helped out at the carnival...she worked this booth for almost 2 hours.


Katie said...

You are phenomenal, Allyson! You can play soccer, ice skate, swim AND horse back ride! How did you get to be so talented?

You are also very brave to hold that disgusting looking snake! Why don't we have a photo moment with Candace and the snake?

Did you have fun working your booth, Ally? I'll bet you were worn out by the end of the day with all you've had to do today.

Anne said...

Grandmother would certainly enjoy watching you out on the soccer field Allyson. You had an action packed day. How many people came to your carnival? I HATE!!!!!!!!! snakes of any kind and I would have died of an heart attack if I had a snake around my neck. You are very brave.

Kristin said...

Uncle Kevin would have loved to be holding that snake. He loves reptiles. I on the other hand, would have LOVED to be in those stands screaming my head off at you playing soccer. I SO WISH I could see you play. Cheer for me too, Candace.

Candace said...

Yeah, I'm w/Mama and Kristin on the snake holding thing, Katie. ;)

Allyson had fun working the booth...I'm so proud of her for sticking w/it even though she got a little tired and hot. :)

I know there were 200 teens(not counting junior high and elementry) in the carnival's church service...and according to our church's twitter page 54 trusted Jesus Christ and their Savior!

I wish you could BE THERE at Allyson's soccer games, Kristin, and help me cheer! :)

Anne said...

What is everyone doing up so early this morning?
Your church has such a tremendous bus ministry, Candace. What a blessing to hear that so many young people trusted in Christ as their Saviour.