Thursday, August 20, 2009

a shot of our living area

Well, after quite a few days of non-stop work (as all of you know that have moved before), we have finally gotten all the boxes unpacked, almost have everything we don't need in storage and I can finally start cleaning. So far, everything is working great in the condo. We have just enough room, but place is still small enough to feel cozy. We have a yard sale with Kendalls at the old place saturday and then we have to finish cleaning up that place and turn in the keys. So more pictures will come tomorrow. Our front door is to the left out of that curved doorway and our room is through that open white door you see. The patio is out the sliding door all the way to the left of the picture. The kitchen table and hutch you see were given to us for free and are in mint condition. Hope this gives everyone a better idea of our place.


Candace said...

Looks super! Little Meradeth will enjoy having her own room...finally some privacy!...huh, Mera? :)
Can't wait to see more pics!
Great deal on the table/hutch!

Anne said...

Your new place looks so nice and your dining room furniture is beautiful. The first apartment daddy and I lived in had a kitchen that was about 6'x3' but then our rent was $85 a month. That seems so funny when I think about it now. I bet Meradeth is enjoying exploring her new place.

grandaddy said...

6x3 was the walking area, it was probably 10x5 wall to wall. it was in a terrible location.
your condo looks beeeuteeeful!