Monday, August 31, 2009

Mama's Makeover

Mama asked if I would make her over after she saw Daddy's pearly white teeth. :) However, YOU don't need a makeover, are so thoroughly beautiful inside and out!
I did post this picture first...but, Allyson said she was scared of it...LOL! I think I overdid the eyes!


Kristin said...

Ally, I think your right about the third pic. Mama, you could NEVER look more beautiful than you do right now. Candace, you did do a great job. I do like the new nose.

Katie said...

Yes, I'm with Allyson, the first picture is SCARY!! The second one is very nice, but the original is the one I like the best!! Nothing is more beautiful than just the way our sweet mother looks!

On a separate note...I don't see how in the world you do that, Candace!

Anne said...

Amazing job, Candace. I look much younger, I love the nose, the neck is slimmer. Do you think if I loose 30 pounds my neck would be slimmer and if I put a clothspin on my nose everynight my nose would not be so fat. I doubt that it would work,plus I like to sleep on my stomach so it would be difficult to keep the clothspin on. It sure is amazing what you can do with this program. I can't wait for daddy to see it. Thank you for doing me. I know it took alot of time.

Candace said...

Yes, it's amazing what you can do in Photoshop. Your nose did turn out nice in both redo pics. And I slimmed down ur face, neck and reconstructed ur jawline.
But like my sisters said...I like the way our dear mama looks RIGHT NOW! :)