Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mama & I Having Fun Together

Relaxation on the pier!
On our way to do some more shoppingFinding Mama some new shoes at Steinmart!


Candace said...

Have you been drinking coffee and relaxing on the pier every morning like Mama said y'all were gonna do? :)
Shopping, much money did ya save? (as Daddy always asks)
Did you find the shoes you were looking for, Mama?

Kristin said...

You all look like you had so much fun! Its wonderful looking at the pictures. I am so happy when any of us get to spend time with other family, even when I am not involved.

Anne said...

We only got to sit on the pier one morning because we had alot of shopping to do. We had a wonderful time together and we found a dress that looks so lovely on Katie. I bought two pairs of sandels and I finally decided to wear the black dress to Katie's wedding also with the pair of shoes and beautiful necklace that daddy bought for me for our anniversary.