Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4th

On this July 4th, we remember how blessed we are to live in America; the second nation in the history of the world to be founded on God and his Word...the first being Israel. Now as socialism is slowly and slyly creeping into our country, we must cherish and vigorously cling to our freedom which so many men and women have laid down their lives to give us.

Did you know your senator only needs to receive ten negative phone calls concerning a bill or law which you don't like and immediately it puts a red flag on the bill and could keep it from getting passed. Every ONE call is considered as a thousand people! So pick up the phone!
A man spoke at our church on Sunday and shared the above fact w/us and a lot of other really good information! Be sure to check out his website...

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Anne said...

Kaleb's face is changing into a young boy. What little darlings. We didn't watch any fireworks. We went to bed early after working in the yard. You know us, old fuddy duddies. I will go on that man's website. We have a wonderful congressman in our district who is a Christian so I call and email our two senators, both duds. Yes, we need to make our voices heard.