Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mo's BBQ

Some finger lickin' good BBQ sauce from San Luis Obispo, CA. Thank you, Kevin and Kristin, for sending it to us! For supper tonight, I grilled one of our home grown chickens smothered with savory Mo BBQ. Delish!

This morning while dressing Travis, I left him for a couple of minutes...and when I returned, this is what he looked like. Thank goodness he used Allyson's they weren't permanent!
Kevin gave me these cheery flowers when he came home from work today...because he said I was on his mind all day. :)


Kristin said...

mmmmmm. that makes me want that. Come and visit, candace, and we can take you to the actual restaurant. ITs So good. Every kid must do this drawing on themselves at least once in their life. Meradeth does it everyday. Travis has an expresion almost like you did this to him. Love the flowers. Your nose looks like you got a nose job.

Anne said...

Delicious food, beautiful flowers and so sweet and thoughtful. No words to describe Travis. He looks like, I can't believe I did this to myself.

Candace said...

Two things a must when I visit you...visit Mo's BBQ restaurant and Kevin's tri-tips. :)
I don't know what happened w/my nose in the lighting, I guess. No nose's just as fat as ever!

Katie said...

Travis is cracking me up! He's such a little nut!

The chicken looks absolutely delicious...making me drool. We went thru that BBQ you sent us in about two weeks, Kristin. You know Eric and BBQ goes on absolutely every single item he eats unless it's dessert.

The flowers are just beautiful. Don't you love surprises like that?

Kevin W said...

mmmmm! I like mo's BBQ sauce, looks so good

grandaddy said...

great pictures...plenty of good chicken & tatoo boy....but something looks a little fishy