Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mera makes Mama lunch

"Mama, want some lunch...C'mon C'mon!!"
She kept pouring into the bowl and giving them to me.
She put grass, dirt, I gave her a little flour, three snails, flowers, leaves and lots of water. Yummmmm!


Candace said...

Oh my goodness...what a delicious mixture! My three stooges have never put flour and snails in their "soup" before...I'll have to share that yummy tip w/them, Meradeth! :)
So did ya pretend like you were eating it, Kristin?

Kristin said...

Yes, and it was so funny. I put it up and made a slurpping sound and then tipped it up to where it spilled out on the ground. When she saw that she picked up her bowl, except when she tipped it up it went right on her clothes.

Katie said...

She is just a little doll, Kristin. She is a born chef...already using exotic ingredients such as escargot!!

Allyson said...

That looks great, Mera! ...kinda looks like cement. Are you in your back yard?

Anne said...

She'll have to make some of her concoctions for all of us in FL.