Thursday, July 23, 2009

Commando Eric

Hang on, Eric!! (front left)

Sneaking up on the enemy!

Run, Run, Run!!
Ewwww....this grass is itchy!

Oohh, I hear somebody coming!

False alarm...I'm going back in for a swim!


Candace said...

This is GREAT, Eric and Katie! I'm glad someone finally took pictures of SWAT training. So that is a real gun...does it have bullets in it?
Is there like a decoy "enemy" up on the shore that you guys try to sneak up on?

Anne said...

Who took the pictures? I like your haircut,Eric;now it is easier to spot which one is you. Do they make waterproof guns? Do you just roll off the boat into the water? Can't the enemy see you coming? This looks like something every guy would want to do.

Kevin W said...

looks like a good time

Kristin said...

They should have a family day where Katie can do the training also. Ohhhhhh, I would love to do this. I am so jealous. Just to clarify, I would like to do this as in training and not the real thing. Your a hear, Eric!!