Monday, June 22, 2009

Kaleb's baptism

Out of the "dressing room" w/Daddy and ready to be baptised!

It was also Old Fashioned Sunday at our church that is the reason for some people's dress styles. And on Old Fashioned Sunday the Preacher does the baptising in a pond at the park. That's Brother Joe, the preacher's son and our assistant pastor, who is baptising Kaleb...the Preacher is standing to the side.
Getting ready to go under! :)
Yay! Kaleb!
There was a BIG dinner for everyone at the park after the baptism...Travis didn't miss out on that!
Then, since it was Father's Day...we took Daddy out for ice cream at McDonalds! Can you find Kevin and the three monkeys?


Kristin said...

The baptism is precious. It brought tears to my eyes. Do NOT like travis' hair cut. I miss the beautiful blond locks. Great Father's day outing!! I am always envious of you all when I see sundays like this at your church. Wonderful pictures.

Katie said...

Oh Candace, these pictures are fantastic. Kaleb looks so sweet and precious and innocent. Was he nervous at all?

I see all the monkies and Kevin in the blue part of the playground.

Anne said...

That picture of Kaleb in the pond makes me think of believers in Russia getting baptized in secret way back in the forest and what they suffered many times because they chose to be a believer. What a special event. I always liked the idea of being baptized outdoors where others can see.

Candace said...

That's Travis' summer cut, Kristin...because his scalp is usually either full of sand, dirt, or mud in the summer...he's ALL boy! :)
Kaleb was more excited about getting baptised then's all he could talk about. If he could do it again, he probably would! Haha
Yes, it was special, Mama. I remember Katie reading us a book in the Asheville house about those Russian believers.

grandaddy said...

Dear Kaleb,
Grandaddy is so thankful that you ask the Lord Jesus to be your Saviour. That is the most important thing you will do your whole life!!!!....and then after the Lord Jesus saves you, you tell the whole world that HE is your Lord & Saviour by getting Baptized....The Lord Jesus loves you sooooooo much!!!!

grandaddy said...

Dear Travis,
i never seen anyone eat a drum stick starting at the bone end first!!!!....i guess you march to a different drumstick