Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, my dear Katie!

I'm blessed with an angel,
Like heaven might send,
And I call her Katie,
My sister and friend,
Have a lovely Birthday!
I love YOU so much, Katie! I wish YOU the best Happy Birthday ever! I wish I could be there in Florida to celebrate with YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)


Kristin said...

Wow, what wonderful pictures, candace. Looking at them all made me think of what a huge HOLE would be in all our lives if we didn't have katie. All those fun trips, those special family times, those childhood memories. What a difference one person makes in our lives. I hope you realize what a special person you are, Katie.

Katie said...

WOW you found some great pictures, Candace!! I wish I had some of them!

You are so sweet to take the time to put this up for me. I have the sweetest two sisters in the whole world. The only thing that would make this day better is to be able to spend it with the both of you.


Anne said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures of my family. Oh, how blessed I am. To think the Lord gave daddy and I such precious children and now precious grandchildren. The best gifts in life are from the Lord. I hope you have a wonderful birthday,Katie. I wish we could be there but how exciting to think that it won't be long till we are together.

Eric said...

This collage is awesome! Kathryn, you truly are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I can't believe I get to marry you. I am truly blessed. Happy birthday!!

Katie said...

I had such a wonderful birthday. All my sweet family calling me and sweet Eric bringing me a delicious dinner and then doing all the cleaning up...and then all the sweet cards and presents and emails everyone sent me...it was just wonderful!

I have the best, most wonderful family in the whole world!! I will put pictures up tomorrow of all the wonderful things everyone sent. I LOVE YOU!!

grandaddy said...

Dear Katie,
I hope you have the mostest bestest birthday you ever had. youre not getting older youre getting better. The Lord has blessed you so much with so many people that love you and best of all the Lord loves you. Remember that song you kids use to sing? "He loved me like i was His only child" ....that is so true.
Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord Jesus....and He gives them all year not just on your birthday!!!
i love you,