Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today, Kevin had an associate meeting at his job. He found out some more information on the future of Williamsburg Manufacturing. After seeing many of his fellow workers not present at the meeting because of the lay off, we realized again how thankful we are to at least still have a prospect of a job...Williamsburg Manufacturing is now saying they will resume production in late July.
After dropping Kevin off at his meeting, the kids and I ran some errands in town, played at the park, and then back to Williamsburg Manufacturing. While we were waiting for Kevin to come out, the kids ran around and played in the big empty parking lot...and then Travis came running up to me waving a little snake in my face! Needless to say, the kids had much fun playing w/the baby snake the rest of the afternoon...and then(when it was about half dead) they let it go free. :)


Kristin said...

Oh, this reminds me of Uncle Caleb and me. We used to torture little critters. Meradeth found a mouse in the back yard yesterday and said, "A mouse!! Ahhh how cute..."

Candace said...

I know, Kristin...I remember finding a nest of baby black snakes behind the Asheville house...and played w/them for days!
Did Meradeth try to catch the her mother would've done? :)

Katie said...

I thought of the same thing, Candace, the second I saw that picture. But remember we brought a ton of those snakes in the house and let them crawl all over our bedroom? And then Mama came in to kiss us goodnight and she started freaking out and yelling at us to GET THEM OUT OF HOUSE THIS INSTANT?!! I remember we couldn't find all of them, but we didn't tell her that. HA HA HA HAA!!!

Anne said...

I HATE snakes plus many other little critters. Yuk!!!