Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kaleb's catch

Kevin and Kaleb went out fishing the other evening and brought back this stringer loaded with crappie and a bullhead catfish...Kaleb caught the catfish! After Kevin cleaned them in the garage, we all enjoyed a fish fry!


Kristin said...

WOW. This is crazy. Did you guys eat all of these? Candace, did you clean them. I haven't cleaned a fish in so long. I remember Granddaddy teaching me how to clean catfish.

Anne said...

I wouldn't have any idea how to clean a fish, but I wouldn't mind learning. Yummy,fried fish you caught yourselves. Delicious, it would go great with the muchrooms. You are a great fisherman,Kaleb, just like your dad.

Katie said...

I can't get over how much older Kaleb looks just since I saw him a month or so ago!! He looks just adorable in that ball cap. This picture just reminds me so much of all the fun we had during the summers fishing with Grandaddy and the fish with Grandaddy and watching Grandmother fry them all up! Those were some fun times!!